Beginning Music Theory

Our free online comprehensive beginner music theory course for kids (3rd-8th grade). Explore notes, rhythms, and the language of music.

Beginning Voice

We teach fundamental vocal techniques to help your child gain strength and control of their voice to deliver stellar performances.

Piano Lessons

Customized piano classes designed to start at your child’s ability level and teach them the skills they need to play captivating piano pieces.

Clarinet Lessons

Tailored clarinet lessons from our expert instructor. Perfect for beginning students or advanced players looking to hone their skills.

Trumpet Lessons

Strengthen trumpet skills with personalized lessons. Expert guidance ensures stellar performances for players of all levels.

Flute Lessons

Elevate your child’s flute playing with personalized lessons. Lessons available for beginning and advanced players.

Saxophone Lessons

Embark on a melodic saxophone journey with personalized lessons, expertly blending guidance for enhanced overall proficiency at any skill level.

Percussion Lessons

Unlock rhythmic creativity with personalized percussion lessons, blending expert guidance for dynamic performances at all skill levels.

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The White Mountain Chorale, a musical haven dedicated to nurturing young voices and fostering a love for music. Our mission is to empower children through engaging musical experiences, helping them unlock their full potential.

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